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Have not you used Facebook yet? What are you waiting for? Discover the world that has prepared this social network for you! But hey, if you want to use Facebook you must follow a series of guidelines and conditions to use this application correctly because Facebook is a social application, which implies that you must follow Certain rules for its use.

It has been legally stipulated since the creation of your account and is established as a Privacy Policy to properly use your account. In this sense, you can appreciate that you can have the right to do many things on Facebook, but when there are rights there are also duties that you must follow to coexist with the other users that make up this great social network.

Conditions of service

Before starting to create your Facebook account, it exposes you under the boxes that you must fill in to register your account, specifically under the selection of your sex, the conditions, and policies that you must follow and accept if you want to create your account. Facebook exposes them as a legal warning so that its users are aware of the conditions of use of their account.

You can also find these conditions when you log in to your account, specifically “Recent news” or “Latest news” you will find you on the right side under the table where you display the languages of Facebook, you will find in letters in light gray and very small The privacy conditions, policies and everything that implies the use of Facebook.

 Read before accepting

When you propose to create an account it is essential that you read these terms, because if there are actions that you do not like to follow, it is better that you do not continue with the registration of the account, but if you are willing to follow the conditions that this social network stipulates You will be welcome to use all that it brings.

 Purpose of these conditions

The primary objective of these conditions, which establishes Facebook as a code for its use, is aimed at the optimum enjoyment of this application and all that it is since it is expected that there is a moral spirit that respects the policies of responsibility on the part of the users.

The conditions

The conditions expressed by Facebook as a legal notice go from the privacy of your account, the privacy of the accounts of others you follow or not, the advertising policies, advertisements, the publication of your content, payment terms to the Facebook platform And even the connectivity of your devices with it.

 Respect the conditions

Facebook in its legal notice is attributed certain criteria that will allow you to take suspension measures or even legal if you are violating the conditions exposed from your account registration, therefore, you will be disabled, disconnected or blocked Facebook if your content or actions come in Cause collateral damage against third parties that make up the social network and an interaction with you and your content, so Facebook I recommend you respect their conditions.

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