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In order for you to log out of Facebook you only have to locate the triangle down symbol that is located on the upper right side of the Facebook menu next to a question mark, press it and a table of options will open , You will be placed in the table that has shaped “Exit”, oprímelo and Facebook will be in charge of closing your session.

Guiding you so that you can carry out actions on Facebook is very easy, since this one offers the help to guide you in the processes that you want to carry out and it does it in writing and by means of symbols, in the part where the symbol of fair interrogation is expressed Next to the notifications you will be able to find “Quick Help” to realize actions in your Facebook account.

Sign out of Facebook mobile

If you want to close facebook session on a mobile device the steps that you must do will be explained in a precise way in this article. You will be able to understand how to do it in an agile way with the following instructions.


Usually, the representation of options in a mobile is reflected with the symbol of three lines or a triangle at the top and to the right of the Facebook tray. You must press on the screen in the symbol that you express.

 Table of contents

When you have opened the table of contents, you will see a series of options, located in which says “Exit” or “Logout” will usually be accompanied by an incomplete circle symbol with a vertical line in the middle. Opt-in and you can log out of Facebook from your mobile.

I can not log out on Facebook

When this happens you must analyze what could be happening, I will expose a series of circumstances that could cause this phenomenon.

 You are logged on to another site

If this happens you only have to access settings, then go to login security and search on other computers or devices you left your session open.

 Facebook Failures

Facebook is a highly requested application and may fail sometimes, even in their policies express that they may have flaws in their system due to the demand and use of the application.

 Internet failures

If your internet connection or Wi-Fi is not very good you will suffer at the moment of this action, since when you want to close Facebook session and the internet is bad it may not finish the action and your session will remain open.

Log out Facebook Android

To log out of Facebook from an Android device, all you have to do is go to the options bar, press the triangle icon face down or the three horizontal lines that are located on the right side of the tray at the top of the menu Of Facebook, what you have to do is to press on it, open the options table and choose the option that expresses “Exit”.

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