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Facebook is a social network that allows you to do many things, but when it is time to end your activities in this your leads to close the facebook session, an act that will be easy when you learn it correctly and today I expose this article To teach you correctly how you should log out Facebook.

To do this process you can place yourself indifferently on the wall or in the profile of your account because the place where the section is located too close your account will always be located at the end of the right side at the top of the application. You must access there and easily find the operation you want to perform, in this case, “Logout”.

Sign out Facebook on all devices

The amalgam of devices you are exposed to have been able to use the same applications in all of them, in this case, Facebook, is also configured and linked to other devices so that when you want to close all open sessions on different devices, Leave the account

 Security and login settings

This is the title that identifies the function that you should log out Facebook on all the devices in which you have opened the session.

 Where you are logged in

In this box, you will be able to see in which places you have opened the session of Facebook, and not only to see it but also to close in all the devices in which you have left open the session. It’s very easy and simple. Just click on the three circles on the right side and choose the “Exit” function, so close the open sessions.

Log out Facebook mobile

To log out Facebook from a mobile device you only have to access the gear symbol on the right side of the screen of your mobile, there will be broken down a series of titles that you will skip and jump to the last title that will identify you as “Exit” with a symbol When you press this option, your session will be closed immediately.
All smart mobile devices that have this application will have the same option located on the same site (Top right side of the screen).

I can not log out on Facebook

If you can not log out of Facebook, it may be due to certain factors that you can control, you can go from the saturation of information of facebook, taking into account that it is an application used many people which can cause failures, can also be That your internet service is very slow which does not allow you to log out Facebook, as it may be that your account has been hacked or it is all because you ignore the way in which this application can be closed. To do so, I’ll give you a formula that will make it easier for you: press the options button, choose “Exit” and your session will close immediately.

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