Log out to my facebook account

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To log out to my facebook account you only need to perform very simple and precise actions, for it is required that you locate the mouse or the finger in such case that it is in your cell in the down arrow that is located on the right side in The top area of the Facebook menu, you only have to click there and you will have the option of “Exit” or “Log out” you just have to click on them and Facebook will close your session.

Facebook not only applies these simple steps to log out of your account but also plasma very simple steps and detailed actions you want to carry out with your Facebook account. Do not limit yourself and start discovering everything you can do with this application.

Sign out Facebook

If you just want to log out of your Facebook account you just have to follow these simple actions that we will expose to you in this article. You will see that they are precise steps that will take you to the action you want, in this case, log out to my facebook account.

 Step 1

You should be located in the symbol of the down arrow that is shaped in the upper right-hand side of the Facebook menu. This is located next to the question mark that says “Quick Help”.

 Step 2

Click on the arrow and open a table of options where you will find the one that indicates the action you want to take, in this case, you want to log out to your Facebook account.

 Step 3

If you do not see “log out” it should appear in your case “Exit” click on the word and take the action to exit your account.

Facebook close account

If you want to close or disable your Facebook account what you must do is to locate in the table of options that is located on the upper right side of the Facebook menu, then you go to settings and you will see another table, you must You can find the “General” in the “General” box, which is marked with a gear symbol, then you should locate “Manage account” and click on the word and another series of options will be displayed. And will take you to a box where you must type a password to deactivate the account.


After setting the password, facebook will ask you why you want to deactivate it, choose an option and you can close or deactivate your Facebook account.

Sign out Facebook on all devices

To log out to my facebook account on all devices where you left the account open, you should only go to configuration, security, and log in and look for the devices where you left your account open. Go over the three circles on the right and go to the option “Exit” and with this open closed session on all devices where you have left your Facebook account open.

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