How to be popular on Facebook

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Facebook dominates a wide variety of sites and people and establishes the social function so that you are socially related to other people. How to be popular on Facebook? To be popular you need people and you need skills that allow you to create a reputation. Society is what gives you this desire to be recognized and in this sense, the popularity is aimed at people.

Facebook, allows you to add the countless people you want to have in your account and publish the material you want, as long as it does not violate the conditions and policies of your service. Facebook allows you to share news, videos, images, advertisements, reviews, comments, these factors generate a trait in the people who are in your environment and create a popularity in you, since they request your interaction to your delight.

Trick to have many likes on Facebook

Ask yourself what are the likes? Likes are the approvals that others have of your material on Facebook, this lists them and generates a number of likes that are represented with a hand of approval. The more you have of these you will be more popular depending on the material that you publish in your account. There are a number of factors that will allow you to get likes, this is being in all places.

 To be everywhere

You will be thinking how you can be in all places, because it is very easy, in your account you can follow accounts of all areas, accounts that allow you to share things of interest to others, which will generate an appreciation of account that encouraged these people To follow and popularize what you do and share.

 Be current and original

When you follow other accounts by giving them “Like” or “Follow” you are allowing these accounts to generate current information on your wall. Well, to know how to be popular on Facebook you just have to be in what is currently spoken and not only this, you can also become a generator and creator of material so that you have your own identity and thus make known what you do and what you are.

How to become popular on Instagram

Instagram is an application that you download thanks to PlayStore, this allows you to publish photos and videos to other users. You can generate photos of your life as well as news by images, publish the material of your company, publish art, food, places of the world and even videos of animals. All these points encompass societies that generate your popularity.


The popularization of your Instagram is based on the material that you publish, this can go to a specific group of people or be more general, the point is that you generate enjoyment in your users which will form a reputation and a popularity in you. Remember that if you want a degree of popularity you should not limit your account, by this I mean that you do not deprive your account, but that you let your material is public, free and original.

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