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How to create a Facebook account 2017 and Make friends in no time

Facebook is listed as one of the most used applications because it is responsible, as a social network, to connect people, in this sense if you are reading today this article will explain how to create a Facebook account and 2017 Make Friends in a short time. It will guide you in a simple way so that you create your Facebook account. Previously, you have to open the Facebook page and place yourself in the registration table where you can open a Facebook account new.

The registration table will have a number of boxes that you will have to fill in with: your first and last name, mail or telephone number, a password, date of birth and your gender. To make friends on Facebook in a short time you just have to add people you know and want to know, quickly doing this you will have friends by bunch. As it is rather simple it How to create a Facebook account 2017 and Make friends in a short time. It is important to know that every time you use your Facebook account it is advisable to log out Facebook.

How to put a profile photo and Facebook cover?

If you want to put a profile photo or a cover, the first thing to do is to place yourself on your wall and click on the profile picture or the cover, it will open in both situations a tab where you can choose or upload a photo Either from your facebook account or your computer or cell phone.

Editing photos and cover

Yes! You did not know? When you are uploading the profile photos or the covers, before doing so you will see a series of options, one of them will allow you to edit the photo, cut it and add or remove things you do not like, with the cover you can only move it, but you It allows. You will see that these steps are not difficult, if you follow the directions consistently and read well.

Likes or I like you

Your profile pictures and the covers you publish on Facebook can be appreciated by others and, in turn, you can give “Like” if you like, with this you create a base of taste for your environment. Users will also be able to comment on your profile photos and the covers you post, of course, as long as you do not configure your security so others can comment on them.

Tips for using Facebook better

If you want to use your Facebook account better, you must have a referent of what can be done and what not, in this sense Facebook is made for you to create ties with other people, Do not think the best way to use Facebook is connecting you with others? Creating friendships, sharing interesting things that promote good actions and you can make friends all over the world in this social network.

Terms of Service and Facebook Policies

This is the biggest reference so that you can use Facebook in the best way, these conditions appear in the final part of your wall left side just below the languages ​​of Facebook. Open them and you can appreciate the set of rules that Facebook has for its efficient use, when you create an account, you accept these conditions, so it is crucial that you read them.

Break the rules

Facebook will not hesitate to call you first if your content or the actions you are doing violate its conditions and service policies, if you do not accept this Facebook call, disable your account for a while, it may be a few hours or days, it all depends on The action you’ve done. If your actions are very serious, Facebook will take care of blocking and closing your account.


Facebook has certain limitations, but it has many freedoms and you can take advantage of them in a good way, you can publish content, comment on the contents of others, you can create groups, watch videos, share pictures, buy things, create ads, be able to talk with others, add To people, these freedoms offered by Facebook only seek your enjoyment and consistent use.

Precautions before adding a friend to Facebook

Adding people to Facebook is something you should do if you want to create social ties with others, but adding new accounts also implies being involved in your content, as these will be posted on your wall as news. You can take certain precautions before adding friends to your Facebook and you will break them down here.

People you know

If you want to take precautions when adding friends this is one of them, try to add only people you have met in person, with this you already have a reference of your personality and the things you could publish, this avoid publications that are not from You like it and generate dislikes in you.

People you do not know

When you want to add someone you do not know but want to know, you can try to see what little of your content that allows your private account, if it is public, you can appreciate something and create an expectation of things that could have in the content the person .


These people just want you to add them to fool you. They tend to be accounts with few friends, no photos and with rare features in their accounts, or simply have nothing, try to verify if you have friends in common with that person, otherwise it could be a fake or fake account, and you are looking to meet Sincere people who do not lie to you to add them.

Hide or Block

If you have already added an account on your Facebook and you do not like what you publish, you can hide your news in the tab of the publication, to block them just go to that person’s profile and press where three ellipsis A tab will be displayed (…) where you can block the person.


The main purpose of this application is to connect with others, create a social base where you can interact in a healthy way with those around your environment, and with the people you want to let enter your social life. If you want we also teach you how to be popular on Facebook and at the same time find love on Facebook.

Facebook is a very powerful means of communication that also serves to grow your Facebook business, but you must be careful with the competition that tries to take over your account so check this article on how to protect our Facebook account of Hackers. So be sure to follow the directions and avoid the pitfalls, in order to achieve the goal that is to communicate to you with your friends and other acquaintances within Facebook.

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